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Session cookies

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Tracking cookies

When a user visits a website, general non-personal data (visitor count, identification of browser and keywords leading to the website, search engine, number of visits, average time of a visit to the site, visited pages) is automatically recorded. Such information is used for monitoring the frequency of visits to the website and contents, and their improvement. Your data is not subject to further processing and is not disclosed to a third party.

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Social network cookies

Our domains may also include elements that set cookies on behalf of other companies, e.g. the “Like” button by Facebook and the “Tweet” button by Twitter. Sometimes, video recordings from sites such as YouTube are also included. When you see a certain YouTube video recording embedded on the website, YouTube may send you cookies. The company does not monitor their cookies, which is why you can find out more about their cookies on their websites.

Flash cookies

These cookies are necessary to stream a video on the website (the so-called flash cookies). The website sometimes contains video recordings or a gallery of pictures using Adobe Flash Player.

Changing cookie settings

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